Certification Training Programs

From the CoStar SHARE Center

Why students, professors, and industry professionals love our certifications

  • All STR certifications have numerous industry and academic acknowledgments and recognitions, each with a 5-year duration. As such, students and professionals add these designations to their online portfolios, business cards, and resumes/CVs. You will frequently see these identifications, for example: “John Smith, CHIA”. Opportunities to renew the certifications are made available prior to expiration.
  • The STR certifications are tremendous career builders. For graduates, there is no better way to stand out from the crowd than having an analytics-related certification from the leader in hotel and CRE data. For professionals, the certifications are fantastic “door openers” to get noticed and to accelerate career progression. 
  • The SHARE Center supports universities and hotel companies wishing to present training to students and staff. Free train-the-trainer sessions and helpful resources are provided. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Here are a few of the testimonials we have received

Jean Auguste van Willigen | Student, HMS NHL Stenden

“Valuable if you want to broaden your knowledge on revenue management at a rapid pace and show it in concrete steps. An addition for many in my opinion and lets you get in touch with the many facets of revenue management in a nice way. Availability at the lessons is a must and quickly brings you up to the thinking level of the exam, the book is additional to the lessons. Anyone who wants to demonstrate their understanding of the basics and background of revenue management will benefit greatly from this exam.''

Marit de Vries | Senior Lecturer Revenue Management, HMS NHL Stenden

"Sharing theory about Revenue Management based upon the latest development in the industry, with our second-year undergraduate students, is very helpful in preparing the student. This preparation relates to helping students develop themselves towards Game Changers in the hospitality industry and beyond, in which they are valuable spokespersons joining the conversation at the boardroom table. While Revenue Management is a key topic in understanding how to run a business, it is very valuable for a student to prove their knowledge by means of a STR certificate valued by the industry."

Christina Tavares | Senior Lecturer,
Hospitality Business School
Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL)

“I have over ten years of experience with CHIA as a certified instructor. I look forward to the training sessions with the new students each semester. It is gratifying to see their interest grow during the workshops and when they realize that numbers can tell a story. The certificate is an excellent asset on the students’ CVs when applying for internships or positions around the globe, as numerous hospitality companies worldwide use the STR reports and information taught during the certification. As an instructor, I appreciate the up-to-date information in the teaching material. The content is easy to work with, with clear explanations, many examples and exercises.”

Robert O'Halloran | Ph'd., Professor and Director, SHL East Carolina University

“The School of Hospitality Leadership at East Carolina University has been part of the Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA) since the pre-pilot days.  The integration of the exam and its corresponding materials has enhanced the professional recognition of our students and supported them in their job searches.  The CHIA material is integrated in my own class focusing on financial management and has assisted students in handling more complex problems.  They strengthen their decision making skills by focusing on the interpretation of data.  The CHIA program integrated with ECU academics and combined with industry experience has been a positive addition to student education and professionalism.”