Welcome to our new eLearning Platform 

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Welcome to the new CoStar eLearning platform. 

In 2012, the CoStar SHARE Center launched its first student certification, the CHIA (Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics) as a joint collaborative effort of STR, AHLEI, and ICHRIE.  The CHIA has been offered originally to students and then to industry professionals via the AHLEI learning management system.  As the SHARE Center has expanded to support real estate schools in addition to hotel departments, we recognize the need to move to a new elearning platform to support our real estate certifications, along with our revenue management certification and our additional hotel analytics certification.  We have appreciated our strong relationship and partnership with AHLEI for 12 years.  We will continue to support each other’s efforts and we are exploring new ways to work together in the future to benefit hospitality and tourism education. We also want to thank eLearning Partners for supporting and creating our new eLearning platform.