CoStar Real Estate Analytics Certification (CREA)

Coming to our new LMS very soon

To obtain at this time, contact [email protected]

What is the CREA?

We are currently working with leading universities around the world to pilot this new student certification.  This will be the only certification focused on data analytics for Real Estate students.  Training includes a comprehensive overview of the CoStar Suite product including full functionality and all the data available.  Commercial real estate principles and related analytical foundations are thoroughly reviewed to help make students the most effective users of the CoStar product.  A wide range of CRE professionals are covered, including how they use data to conduct business and solve problems.  CRE research applications are covered in detail with all of the building block components, including where to find the data and how to analyze and visualize CRE information.  The CREA certification is a great way to accentuate your knowledge of CoStar and your ability to analyze CRE data.

Here is what your CREA certification will look like

Are you ready for your CoStar Real Estate Analytics Certification?

Coming to our new LMS very soon

To obtain at this time, contact [email protected]